Semi-professional floor millwith adjustable rotation speed of the millstones.


  • Average grinding capacity: 20/25 kg/hour (approximate value for wheat with medium fineness, with adjustable inverter position 50 Hz, this value changes significantly based on the seetting of rotation and the distance between the millstones)
  • Grindstone: natural granite 22 cm diameter 6 cm thickness
  • Rotations/min of grinding wheel: minimum 130 maximum 392 depending on the setting of the inverter
  • Engine: Kw 1.5 con alimentazione monofase 230V 50Hz
  • Container: plywood treated with water-based paints
  • Machine weight: Kg 90
  • Overall dimensions: cm 56x43x98h. This machine is built with the ability to electronically change the number of rotations.

This machine is designed for grinding dry cereal (the grinding of oats, soybeans, legumes and the like must be done with great caution as it causes the bonding of the stones). Make sure that the machine is placed on a stable and robust base so as to support the weight and vibrations of the machine itself. Start the engine and then load the grain into the upper container after approaching a container to collect the flour below the outlet pipe.
To achieve the desired consistency of flour, act on the container of the grain.
By turning it clockwise the grinders approach each other and you get finer flour. By reversing the rotation you get coarser flour. It is very important to find the right balance between the openness of the millstones and engine rotation setting. The more you reduce the rotations, the more you can open the grinders, it is up to the operator’s experience to find the right balance between the two values in order to get the best result. The mill produces whole flour. To get white or semi-whole flour, use appropriate sieves.
Use in a well ventilated area.