Separatore elettrico per farine adatto al molino Me-6

To divide the ground cereals into three parts: bran, middlings and flower.


  • Overall dimensions: cm 77x30x32
  • Weight: Kg 10,400
  • Material: plywood treated with water-based paints, stainless steel networks
  • Engine: 230V 50 Hz 100W
  • Amount: amount of separation max 10 kg/hour depending on the variety of cereal
  • Applicable to the mill model Me-6 with appropriate supports

This machine is built with a rotating drum that separates the ground product into three parts, two parts go into the hopper, the third one (bran) comes out from the exhaust, so it is advisable to prepare a container for collection. Always turn on the separator before the mill or at least simultaneously. Make sure that the tray is not too full. During the grinding of corn you can combine both types of flour (finer and coarser flour). Upon request specific nets can be applied.