Table mill also suitable for grinding corn.


  • Average grinding capacity 5 kg/hour (approximate value for wheat with an average fineness, it varies with finer and coarser flour setting and with other cereals)
  • Grindstone: natural granite 15 cm diameter
  • Rotations/min of grinding wheel: 320
  • Engine: single phase 0.55 kw 220V 50Hz
  • Buttons: low voltage (24V)
  • Container: plywood treated with water-based paints
  • Machine weight: 24 kg
  • Overall dimensions: cm 34x40x52h

This machine is designed for grinding dry cereal (humidity below 14%).

The grinding of oats, soybeans, other oilseeds and legumes should be made with caution (only in case of very dry seeds and to obtain coarse grinding) because this makes the grindstones sticky.

The grinding is carried out through the rotation of a grinder on the other one, operated by an electric engine and by a toothed belt.
To achieve the desired consistency of the flour, act on the container of the grains.

By turning it clockwise the grinders approach each other and you get a finer flour. By reversing the rotation you get coarser flour.

Grind corn, if necessary, in several steps if the variety is very glassy; initially open the grinders in order to break the grains; sift and grind again the rougher part.

The mill produces whole flour. To get white or semi-whole flour use appropriate sieves.
Best if used in a well-ventilated area.