Heater in stainless steel (to match with a cooker about 10 kw)


  • Juice container capacity: about 40 lt
  • Water tank capacity: 50 lt
  • Minimum temperature juice at output: from 75°C to 80°C
  • Maximum output: 100 liters/hour (it depends on juice density at the initial temperature and on the power of the heat source).


The pasteurizer is designed to heat to a given temperature the juice obtained from squeezing the fruit and conveniently prepared.
Liquids with high density (jams) or with fermentation process already in progress cannot be used.

The pasteurizer heats the juice through the immersion of the coil into warm water in order to avoid overheating, which would be generated by direct heating (for instance pot on cooker).

The juice heated to a temperature of at least 75°C (verifiable from thermometers) is bottled in a closed container and immediately sealed with a hermetic stopper. This freezes the fermentation process of the juice that is preserved in a natural way for a long time.

It requires a gas cooker (or other fuel) with suitable heating power for the heating and temperature maintenance of the water in the container of the coil.