Designed for traditional cold pressing.


  • Grinders natural granite diameter: 40 cm thickness 4 cm
  • Engine: 0,75 kw
  • Total diameter: cm 55
  • Weight: kg 110
  • Processing capacity: 10-15 Kg per cycle


Suitable for small productions, it allows an entirely cold processing in order to produce authentic olive oil and to enhance the features of the olives, as is typical of hand-crafted processing with the traditional system of pressure squeezing and oil separation by decantation, when possible. In the first phase, the olives are ground at low speed for a time of 10/15 minutes according to the type of olives.

The olive paste thus obtained must be stretched on the filtering disks (disks of stainless steel mesh or fabric) which will be stacked and placed under the hand-operated press in order to be pressed.