Designed for traditional cold pressing.


  • Manual mode: 20 tons
  • Included: No. 1 series of filtering disks d. 33 cm, stainless steel and iron
  • Weight: kg 153
  • Overall dimensions: cm 80x70x185h
  • Hand application of olive paste on the filtering disks with spatula
  • Oil separation by decantation
  • Time for a complete processing cycle of crushing and pressing 1.5 hours


Suitable for small productions, combined to the mini olive-press with grinding stones, it allows the pressing of the olive paste produced by the olive-press and suitably stretched on the FISCOLI, featuring an entirely cold processing in order to produce authentic olive oil and to enhance the features of the olives. The product thus obtained is left to settle when the characteristics of the olives allows it, in order to obtain the separation of the oil from the vegetation water.
The oil thus obtained can be collected and possibly filtered, bottled and ready to use.