To break the shell of hazelnuts to be separated by hand afterwards.


  • Operation: hand-operated by crank handle
  • Overall dimensions: cm 8x31x32 h
  • Weight: Kg 4,2
  • Material: aluminum and steel.


The use of this appliance is very simple.

Before starting the processing, it is necessary to secure the nutcracker to the corner of a table with the 2 clamps provided.

It is advisable to select the hazelnuts according to their size, at least roughly.
Start by inserting the bigger hazelnuts into the container, and regulate the passage through the black adjustment knob until the breaking is fine, then block with the locking ring.

Once you have found the right position, proceed with the work by placing the hazelnuts into the container and turn the crank clockwise.

Then separate the nuts from their shells and put the nuts that are still whole back into the container and repeat the process, making sure to find the appropriate adjustment according to the size of hazelnuts.